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Retirement & Legacy Planning

Retirement has changed. People are living longer and more healthy lives compared to previous generations. With this new vibrant longevity, retirement can take on many forms. Some may choose to work longer or part-time, some may choose an encore career. Others will use their time to pursue hobbies, travel, or to volunteer. Retirement can be what we make it.

However, retirement can be challenging financially. How much do you need to save? Where should you invest in order to attain your retirement goals? Once in retirement, how much can you safely withdraw? And from where should you take these funds in order to ensure you will have sufficient income for your entire life and a legacy if desired.

Leaving a legacy is more than leaving assets to those who matter to you. It is also about passing on your values. It is about passing on what you have learned. It is about passing on wisdom. It is about leaving support to people or causes that matter to you.